Growing fruits and veggies seems overwhelming to most people, but it’s actually much simpler than it sounds and you don't need much space either. If you have a few square feet of the great outdoors (can even be a balcony), a water source, and a little time, you can have a little garden.

I started with a 4x4 vegetable garden in 2012 at the apartment complex I was living in, I grew 2 tomato plants, 1 bell pepper some Swiss chard and some greens from Kenya. It's amazing how such few plants helped our grocery bill and we ate more veggies.

This year, I grew Tomatoes, peas, Swiss chard, collard greens, green beans, lettuce, greens from Kenya (Nyeni), white corn (maize), pumpkin, sunflower for the chickens, zucchini and yellow squash. I didn't plan very well but with just a little effort the garden did well, I'm still enjoying tomatoes that I froze from this spring.

Oh! I also planted two blue berry bushes that gave me about 3 cups of berries.

What I learnt is, a raised garden does better than the regular bed and hopefully this coming spring I will have enough manure from the chickens ( I do deep litter method in their coop) I'll have another page to that effect.

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