Thank you for stopping by to visit my homesteading world.
This blog is about my experiences in my backyard homesteading journey. Early this year I started keeping chickens and duck and also a small veggie garden all this I plan on increasing as the years go by. I've always loved farm life and kept my own little garden and had rabbits in grade school through teenage, my parents live in a farm and growing up they kept cows, goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, doves, dogs, at some point they kept pigs too.

In January 2014 we closed on our home and a few months later I seriously started my homesteading journey. Though a tough Journey, it's filled with pleasure as I experience the Joy of growing our own vegetables, collecting eggs from my free ranging chickens watching duck TV (they are funny creatures) and teaching my now 2 year old daughter to garden and feed poultry.

During your visit to this blog please leave a comment or suggestion if you like. All comments on all posts will get checked frequently. I'll try and answer every post as best as I can.

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