Monday, September 28, 2015

Updates on Homesteading 2015

This year in my journey to grow more of my own food, I did several things:

1. I hatched chicks from my own eggs and also from local eggs I bought and traded.

My ducks also hatched their own ducklings... too many if you ask me. I did give away 12 of them, sold most of my adults ducks and the others used for food.I now no longer keep ducks due to their up keep and wanted to expand on chickens as they are easier to maintain.

2. I expanded on my garden, grew more vegetables and planted two more fruit trees, and additional apple tree and a peach tree. I harvested about 10 apples from the tree I planted last year.

3. Learn't to make my own spaghetti sauce and froze excess tomatoes and greens

3. Planning on planting more fruit trees. 

4. Looking for more ways to expand on homesteading, I love the outdoors!!!

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