Friday, December 26, 2014

Duck eggs

Ducks eggs are rich, creamy and very smooth.  The best laying ducks are the Khaki Campbell or an Indian Runner as they lay more than the Muscovy. So far my ducks do not like to lay in the pen like the chickens lay in the coop.

My Muscovies are the expert in hiding their laying nests

So far I have made a nest for them in the pen and I'm letting them out to free range mid morning which is making them lay some inside the nest. If you know of a way to train them to always lay inside let me know.  So far all I have read is that they are good at hiding their eggs.
As for the Pekins, they have been laying everywhere even on he side of the pond and also have dug a little whole next to the pen door and every morning I collect an egg there.
 Their eggs are a little larger than a chicken egg, when used in baking the result is a lighter, richer and moist.

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