Monday, December 22, 2014

The beggining

After we bought our house I had been toying with the idea of keeping chickens for and on February 19th I went to our local farmers and planters store and brought home 7 sex link day old chicks.

A few days after I was shopping for their supplies at tractor supply and came home with 5 CX day old chicks. In the course of the next two months I added 4 more sex link chicks and 2 grown red star chickens.
To start with I raised them in a simple plastic tub changing their bedding daily, I kept them in a spare room in the house until they were 4 to 5 weeks old and moved them to the garage in a grow out coop.

Later I moved them outside to their coop and run and free ranging backyard at about 8 to 10 weeks of age.

They are now all grown and proving me and family with an overabundance of eggs. I also now have 9 ducks raised from ducklings bought off of craigslist, they are also laying fertile eggs that I plan to hatch out come spring.

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